The One Place To Visit In Palawan, According To Kathryn Bernardo

KATH_FEATURED_IMAGE1Have you been itching to head to the clear waters and start living in your bikinis? Kathryn Bernardo shows you the perfect travel spot to visit. Celebrating her 21st birthday, the actress headed to the picturesque paradise of Palawan with her family–and Daniel Padilla, of course. Aside from the Underground River that’s on every traveler’s must-see list, Palawan boasts of crystal-clear waters and hidden mini-islands worth exploring, and the place below tops Kathryn’s list!   Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.32.15 PM

“What we loved in Palawan was the big and small lagoon–it’s basically a secret lagoon. There’s only one way to enter and exit, so we had to kayak going there, which was a fun experience. Plus, the waters were super clear too! We’re both excited to visit it again actually”.

Big Lagoon


The big and small lagoon (or also called as “Twin Lagoons”) are located in Miniloc island. Upon entering the big lagoon on a boat ride, you’d find yourself in between towering rock formations and lush rainforest in clear emerald waters. You can go swimming, snorkeling or kayaking in this hidden gem for that ultimate island-life experience.

Small Lagoon


The small lagoon is encircled by limestone cliffs, and it’s a lot bigger than its name. You’d have to swim or kayak through a small opening between two rocks to enter the lagoon. But to see the entire stretch, it’s best to kayak your way through it and even see a cave at the end. This lagoon has a lot of quiet areas–perfect for anyone who’s on a soul-searching trip!

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