The One Tool You Need to up Your Beauty Game

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If the porcelain spoon method didn’t quite convince you of the benefits of facial massage, perhaps this will.

If you keep up with the beauty scene’s fads and fast fixations, chances are you’ve caught wind of the jade roller. A centuries-old Chinese beauty favorite, jade is good for much more than accessorizing or sitting pretty in your mother’s feng shui-furnished living room. Believed to increase facial stimulation and ultimately subdue puffiness and inflammation in the face, it’s no wonder beauty enthusiasts eventually caught on. Beyond mere vanity, jade has also become known as a healing stone for its health-related properties: it reduces bodily toxins, relieves the sinuses and soothes the skin. We admit this long-loved beauty gizmo has us hooked.

But first thing’s first: how do we use the jade roller anyway?

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Roll the jade over your face in an upward motion to flatten fine lines and de-puff the surface. In areas where rolling from bottom to top is difficult, make your way across the face horizontally.


It’s common knowledge to be extremely careful with the under-eye area. While exercising caution below the eyes, apply more pressure on the neck and jawline to prevent water retention.


While jade rolling works fine with a completely blank slate, the massaging motion can help in the absorption of skincare products. Use the roller in the morning or evening (or both!) after applying your usual serum or moisturizer.


Keep the tool in the fridge to boost the rejuvenating feeling tenfold.

Eager to get rolling? Double-ended jade rollers are available online at Jade Roller Manila.

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