The People Behind MEGA’s First Fashion Films

Talented personalities came together to bring fashion to life in MEGA’s Fashion Films. Apart from the MEGA crew of TV 100’s Head Mike Carandang, Digital Editorial Director Rain Dagala, Megastyle’s Fashion Editor RJ Roque, and MEGA’s Fashion Editor Jeb Fronda, meet the three influential names behind the upcoming sartorial films


1. Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy 

Georcelle Dapat-Sy, the woman behind G-Force’s success, brought her energetic and innovative spirit on set as she leads the creative direction of the film. Unlike her distinct bold choreography on the Sunday Variety show ASAP, she directed the Making MEGA stars in couture to dance in short sequences but big movements, bringing out the art in fashion. 

2. Paulo Tiongson 

Meet one of the producers behind James Reid’s hit album Palm Dreams and the fashion film’s cinematic sound. Although he goes by the name ‘Poor Taste’ on social media, Paulo Tiongson’s flair for music definitely says otherwise. 

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