The Perfect Beauty Routine For Your Weekend

15101910_10154308399582701_62689271_o-pngWeekday mornings are crazy. We’re often on a rush, trying to make it to work on time after hitting the snooze button one too many times that we don’t really have the time for a proper beauty routine. So when the weekend hits—whether you plan to stay in and lounge in your Hello Kitty pajamas, or go out and hang out with your friends—it’s only right that we set aside time to really pamper ourselves. Weekends are for ourselves, and what better way to spend our days off than to spoil our skin? Try these regimens below and look more refreshed by Monday!

1. Face Mask

Putting on a weekly face mask has more benefits than you think. Just make sure that you start off with clean skin to avoid trapping any impurities. Face masks, in general, make your skin more firm, reduce fine lines caused by those late-nights at work, and even helps clear dead skin cells. Best thing is, you can do this while binge-watching your series!


2. Hair Mask

After a week of constant styling, it’s a good idea to treat your hair to repair the damage. Do this at least once a week to bring back the moisture it needs.

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3. Nails

Got no time to fix the chipped nail polish on your nails? This is the perfect time to give your digits a makeover.

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4. Exfoliate 

A weekly scrub keeps the pimple away! Buff away dead skin cells and trapped oil to avoid dirt and product build-up that eventually leads to break-outs. Exfoliating is essential because it stimulates your skin to keep repairing itself.

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