The Quickest Way To Fix Your Chipped Manicure

The Quickest Way To Save Your Manicure Our freshly done nails are bound to be chipped after a week or so (or for nail-biters, after a day or so). Whether by accident or by natural grow-out, it never looks good. But instead of re-doing your entire manicure, you can try these easy hacks to save your broken mani in just minutes!

1. Trim it. 

Chips are usually found at the edge of your nails, so the easiest way to fix it is by cutting it. Your nails will become shorter, but they’ll look cleaner. Top it off afterwards with a layer of clear gloss for a polished finish.



2. Patch the chipped area.

If you don’t want to shorten your nails, carefully apply a thin coat of the same polish you used only on the chipped area. And to make this added layer more seamless, paint the rest of your nails with topcoat gloss.



3. Cover it up with an accent.  

Give your tattered manicure the spice it needs. Pick up your favorite glittered or metallic nail polish and paint it on the ends of your nails. It will cover up the chip in a fancier, quicker way!



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