The Real Reason Why Ashley Graham Couldn’t Attend Last Year’s Met Gala

Supermodel Ashley Graham may be known for her beautiful face, but we can’t deny that she also gained attention for embracing her voluptuous curves. But in a recent interview with New York magazine, she shares that being born with a size that’s different from the standard model’s does come with challenges. In fact, she had to miss out on the 2016 Met Gala because she couldn’t get a designer to dress her.


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Graham explains in the interview that rather than being a personal attack on her size, it was more on a matter of timing. She hadn’t made the right connections and there wasn’t enough time to get a custom piece designed for her. “I couldn’t get a designer to dress me,” she says, adding, “You can’t just show up in a jeans and T-shirt”.
Even if the model didn’t take it too personally, her experience still speaks volume about the adjustment that has to be made in the fashion industry. Surely, a model who had a much smaller size wouldn’t have as much of a hard time because designers often have sample sizes ranging from 0 to 2. Why should a woman in Graham’s size have a completely different experience?  

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