Time is Money: The Right Wristwatch for Every Occasion

watch_featured_image Wrist candy. Timepieces. We all have smartphones, but the wristwatch will never die. It’s an age old (pun intended) invention that has become a billion-dollar industry. It’s an heirloom, it’s jewelry, it’s the cherry to any well-put-together lady. Not only is it functional, it also makes you look like you value your time–and a woman who values time is a woman of value. You probably already own one or several, but just to be sure, here are the 4 basic watches you need to own.

1. The Casual

Fashion watches–those oversized pieces-have been all the rage for the past few years. You’d be hard pressed to find a woman without a gold-tone Michael Kors watch on her wrist while she strolls the mall. These add oomph to any casual outfit and are relatively inexpensive.

2. The Business

For the office, for meetings, for interviews. These should be smaller, and preferably with a leather band. Choose one that looks smart and clean, like this Chanel Boyfriend watch.

3. The Formal

Bring on the bling! For weddings and other social peacocking moments, we recommend a thin, crystal (or diamond) studded watch like this Gucci Horsebit. It’s a refined, girly version of the equestrienne-inspired line.

4. The Sport

Not everyone is sporty, but everyone has to have at least one watch for swimming, playing tennis, golfing, or for simply looking as cool as Maria Sharapova. This stainless steel Tag Heuer Aquaracer fits the bill. The crystals on the face keeps it subtly feminine.

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