The Weirdest, Craziest Shoes on Pinterest

SHOE_FEATURED_IMAGE We’re a bunch of weirdos so we’re totally okay with crazy. But as zany as we are, there are still some things that are just way too much, even for us. We headed on over to Pinterest (coz where else do you find the weirdest things on earth, right?) and came accross the most bizarre shoes you’ve ever seen—like way past lady-gaga-in-2010 levelzzz. What do you think? Will you wear these?  

1. Craving for instant noodles yet?


2. Okay, this is just downright creepy


3. I hope she had a brush for that


4. Took us a whole two seconds to figure this one out


5. How do you even… okay never mind


6. We thought this was a vase


7. It’s weird, but it sure as heck looks fun


8. Hey, at least it’s multifunctional. It can double as a mop


9. That’s gotta hurt


10. It doesn’t matter how ugly and unpolished our toes our, we are never ever gonna wear these fake feet


11. WHYYYYYY?????


12. We’d like to see her actually walk in that


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