These 3 Sisters Are Your Next Fashion Inspirations

Haim Possessing a penchant for high fashion, 90’s pop and R&B tunes, Danielle, Este, and Alana Haim are three ultra-stylish siblings that form the band HAIM–a sister act that’s on our radar for their eclectic outfits and upbeat music. Despite their cohesive outfits on stage, TV appearances, and music videos, these girls have their own distinct style that has naturally pushed fans to create a blog called “What Would Haim Wear?”. The Tumblr page chronicles the sisters’ exact outfits and where to buy them, much like a catalog of all the sleek pieces the girls have worn. Haim Stylist Rebecca Grice has been working with HAIM starting from their first record called ‘Days Are Gone’ to their current iconic album cover, where we see them sitting on a lawn chair, all clad in snazzy streetwear. “All three of them are very, very swaggy — so if they’re feeling a look, it definitely comes through in their vibe and their attitude.” Grice shares with Racked. Despite having a stylist for almost five years, the Southern California-raised rockers are naturally stylish and they have a great affinity for fashion that flaunts their own casual style. Lead singer Danielle is your menswear-inspired cool girl who loves tailored suits, oversized jackets, and boyfriend-fit trousers, while bassist Este loves donning the modern femme look of skirts and dresses that revamp the effortlessly chic style. It also helps that the eldest HAIM sister has great gams, which really make that sort of silhouette fit her. Lastly, Alana–the baby of the band–loves to go for the laid-back rock chic route of vintage tees, shorts, and deconstructed denim. The girls’ favorite brands range from streetwear labels such as Vetements and Acne Studios to feminine brands like Chloé and Diane von Furstenberg. Haim   Their second album called ‘Something to Tell You’ has been widely received by critics and fans alike, as well as their promo photos that look like it was straight out of a fashion editorial. The sisters sported an array of edgy high fashion looks, from Balenciaga-inspired oversized co-ord suits to tweeds, only proving that they’re the most stylish all-girl band in the alt-rock music scene today. Haim Along with new music, HAIM recently dropped a new range of merchandise in collaboration with Urban Outfitters. The collection is called “HAIM ON HAIM” and it consists of three t-shirts emblazoned with slogans such as “WTF is a HAIM?” and “Go HAIM or go home”.   In-article photos: Hollywood Reporter | Dazed | W Magazine | Just Jared

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