These Lip Paints Let You Create Your Own Lip Shade

From Ombre to Korean gradient lips, lip colors nowadays are getting a lot more interesting–and so does all the latest lip products. In collaboration with British singer Jessie J, Makeup For Ever released a range of Artist Acrylips. Yes, it’s like paint, but better. At first glance, you might find a purple lipstick unappealing, but mixing unconventional hues with the usual pink or red will create gorgeous signature lips. You can easily build up the color of these lippies too–one swipe will give you a soft and subtle color, and more coats will give you intense colors. Check out what you can do with this wonder product!

1. Ombre lips

To achieve an ombre lip, pick similar hues like pink and orange. Dab the brighter hue on your inner lip area and blend it afterwards.

2. Korean gradient lips

Apply lipstick on your top lip. For the bottom, dab some color in the inner lip area to achieve that gradient effect.

3. Two-toned lip color

Apply a soft hue on your entire lips and a brighter shade on the center.

    In-article images: Makeup For Ever Philippines