Think You’ve Got a Proportionate Face? There’s Now A Beauty Competition For That

What do you consider a beautiful face to be? For some, it’s all about the color of the skin, or the shape of one’s eyes. The people behind Merz Aesthetics believe that our brains have been hardwired to base what we find beautiful through the harmony and proportion coming from a mathematical value called the Golden Ratio. Merz Aesthetics - Golden Ratio Throughout the years, this has been backed up by researchers such as scholars and medical experts. A study was done in 2014 and it proves that what is considered as faces of attractive females meet the criteria of ideal proportions. The value, also known as the divine proportion, is said to be present in works such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Salvador Dali’s The Sacrament of the Last Supper. Merz Aesthetics - Golden Ratio Search Aiming to change the representation of Asian beauty, Merz Aesthetics decided to create the program entitled MAAT Golden Ratio Search, where they will search for faces from 10 different Asian countries, including the Philippines. “We’re excited to have a program that moves past the subjective definition of an attractive and beautiful face for something more universal,” shares Jorge Libanan, Merz Philippines Country Manager. “By applying a concrete scientific measure not based on social, cultural or ethnic factors, Merz aims to represent Asian woman in the world of aesthetics by highlighting the diversity of what can be considered the best faces from the region.” Think you’ve got a pretty symmetrical face? Submission of entries for the MAAT Golden Ratio Search for the Best Face start from August 11 to September 30, 2017. For more details, head over to

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