This Chinese Airline Proved That Haute Couture Can Be A Uniform Too

This-Chinese-Airline-Proves-That-Haute-Couture-Can-Be-A-Uniform-Too-2 Just when you thought that uniforms couldn’t get any better, think again. Every flight attendant’s attire at a Chinese airline called Hainan Airlines just got a lot interesting–the crew ditched their regular uniforms for haute couture.
Designer Laurence Xu made waves at Paris Fashion Week not for billowing gowns, but because of her high-fashion uniforms that broke boundaries. Drawing inspiration from a traditional Chinese dress called Cheongsam, all the uniforms are one piece and hemmed low. Haute-Couture-Airline-2 Xu fused touches of conventional Chinese art–we’re talking about cloud drawings, waves and birds–with Western-inspired fashion trends. And of course, the new look just had to be introduced at Haute Couture Week. Haute-Couture-Airline-3 Despite reimagining a cabin crew uniform, it still had that pristine and modest feel that flight attendants’ attire usually possess. It’s not as over-the-top as you normally would expect haute couture would be. But nevertheless, these high-fashion uniforms are far from its simple and traditional look and we want it to stay that way. After all, who says flight attendants should look anything but basic? Haute-Couture-Airline In-article images: Bored Panda | Harper’s Bazaar

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