This Iconic 90s Designer Is Making A Comeback

  Helmut Lang - Ethan James Green For years, Helmut Lang has been recognized as one of the most iconic designers of the 90s. What he did was beyond the bounds of creating exquisite subversive fashion–think of uniforms for people that radiate individuality and confidence. With a splash of rebellious spirit, he creates the most symbolic looks, which is distinctly expressive of the brand’s character. Helmut is the purveyor of anti-fashion–conceptual and minimalist–and he made designs for the ravers and the youth. But in 2005, Lang left the label to become a fine artist. Recently, the New York-based label announced that they’re revamping the brand. They will be launching a new website, social media account, and a campaign for the season. With Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver and Dazed magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Isabella Burley, the label lines up a series of artistic collaborations that will be released by October. 12 visual artists will be creating merch designs such as posters and tees, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the artist’s chosen charity. Apart from that, the campaign features progressive artists from across the globe in pieces from the new Helmut Lang. Helmut Lang -Shayne Oliver And if you thought that was it, Shayne Oliver is the first fashion designer to make a capsule collection for the brand, which will be showcased at New York Fashion Week. According to CEO Andrew Rosen, their goal is for the label to return to its roots. “Helmut Lang is a pioneering company and we are going back to its heritage of being bold,” he shares with Daze Digital. See the rest of the Helmut Lang campaign below: Helmut Lang - Ethan James Green Helmut Lang - Ethan James Green Helmut Lang - Ethan James Green Helmut Lang - Ethan James Green   In-article photos: Hypebeast | Vogue | Helmut Lang

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