This is How You DIY Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Hair

vs_hair_featured_image Paris sizzled last night as 51 of the world’s top models walked the runway at the Grand Palais for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And while we couldn’t take our eyes off the 3-million-dollar Secret fantasy bra that Jasmine Tookes paraded in, as well as the rest of the the sexy collection presented on stage, the Angels’ bouncy, bombshell hair also got our attention. We immediately wanted to copy the look, but since we don’t have an official hair stylist ready to work on our tresses anytime, we could all settle with the DIY version. Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting the VS Angels curls. 1. Give your hair extra bounce by using volumizing mousse before styling 2. Curl your hair from the bottom layers and work your way up the top 3. Section your hair into one-inch-wide sections and start curling. Curl away from your face to make sure you achieve a flattering frame 4. Wait until your curls cool and then brush out with light-bristled brush so your hair is smooth yet voluminous 5. Use your fingertips to apply hairspray at the ends of your hair to separate the curls 6. When you’re done curling, find your natural part by pulling your hair forward and flipping it back. This also gives your hair added volume 7. Use your favorite styling product to the hairline and ends to avoid flyaways

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