The New Highlighting Trend Will Take Your Glow To The Next Level

Getting that faux glow on has been an obsession for most girls. With the rise of the ‘strobing’ trend–where you layer all kinds of highlight–it’s not surprising that the beauty-obsessed want to take their glow to the next level. So just when we thought that those iridescent formula sticked close to your cheekbones, noses and other high points of the face, celebs and Instagram stars have lately been going beyond the usual, adding more glow to unexpected areas like their ears. As crazy as it sounds, we have to admit that it creates an overall irresistible glow. Here’s where you should swipe that highlight on next:
1. Ears 
Ear highlighting or “lobe strobing” joins the list of crazy Instagram trends, but unlike the past beauty trends (think feathered brows and yellow blush), this is a lot more wearable in real life. In fact, we wished we knew about this a lot sooner. An extra touch of illuminator on your inner and outer ear makes up the perfect side-profile selfie.

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2. Collarbone and shoulders 
If you’ve always wondered how celebrities had a ridiculously glowy skin, a part of it is probably created with body highlight, as it gives the body a mist-like radiance. So before baring your skin for a night out, sweep a couple of shimmer on your décolletage and shoulders (Emily Ratajkowski swears by this) to look even better on photos. Try a creamy highlighter like Marc Jacobs‘ glow stick in spotlight.
3. Center of your eyelids
Not into eye makeup on a regular day? Swipe your highlight on the center of your lids and it will give your eyes the instant lift it needs. Once the highlight catches the light, your eyes really pop. dfdfdf Art by Deiniel Cuvin Pia Wurtzbach photo from Gery Penaso  

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