Breaking: This Makeup Brand’s Latest Sponge Works Like Fingers

study1 In case you missed it, Smashbox Cosmetics just created a makeup applicator that works like a finger—yes, imagine a gel-cushion applicator with a fingerprint-like texture. But why? Why can’t we just use our actual fingers to apply makeup? 7fbe0e75-ef44-4e98-8f39-946aec4719ac-screen-shot-2017-07-22-at-21910-pm
For starters, this new breed of sponges don’t absorb makeup, unlike your fingers. So if you’re the kind of beauty girl who likes to get the most out of your beauty products, this tool is for you. It creates the same effect as when you blend makeup using your own hands, but only better–its diamond shape helps reach every angle of your face.
You can shop for the latest gel-cushion applicator at Smashbox’s website. P.S. It comes with the same price tag as that of a BeautyBlender. So is it a Yay or a Nay?
In-article images: Bustle

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