This New Scent Will Make It Into Your Everyday Essentials

When one thinks of Tiffany & Co., the iconic opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s comes to mind: Holly Golightly (played by none other than Audrey Hepburn) in a chic all-black ensemble, munching on her breakfast as she window shops at the store that is practically every girl’s dream.

What if we told you that there is now a scent of that image?

True to the jewellery brand’s nature of staying timeless yet innovative, The Fragrance by Tiffany & Co. is a contemporary take on the most precious ingredients of traditional perfumery. Created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaduan, it is a sparkling floral musk, sweet yet grounded at the same time. With notes of iris and patchouli, there is a fresh femininity that is met with sophistication.

Also, how can we not talk about the bottle? Inspired by Tiffany & Co.’s Lucida Diamond, it is shaped like that iconic diamond cut that some of us hope to have on our finger one day. Spritzing it on will always make you feel like a lady.

With a scent this memorable, it truly is all you need.

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