This New Type Of Concealer Will Transform Your Makeup Routine

benefit Gone are the days when makeup was all about the full, cakey coverage–in fact, the more glowy your skin looks, the better. So if you’re going for a plumped-up look, the last thing you need is a thick, drying cover-up that unknowingly age you. Luckily, there’s a newer version in town: meet hydrating concealers. It works like a lip balm and concealer combined, and it’s changing how we’ve been doing our makeup routine. Here’s why this lightweight cover-up is worth adding to your trusty kit:
1. It brings out a dewy effect. 

The secret to a healthy glow is plumped skin. So instead of slathering on a concealer that merely sit on top of your face, give your tired eyes and dried-out blemishes a surge of hydration. Hydrating concealers glide smoothly, as it moisturize your problem areas while covering it up–leaving a flawless, dewy effect.

Glowing Skin

2. It treats your skin while camouflaging it.

Makeup with added skincare benefits is always a plus. After all, if you want to get real healthy-looking skin, skincare comes first in the line. Try ones with vitamin E & apple seed extract that will treat those dark patches!


3. It leaves no flakiness. 

For the ladies with dry skin, this one’s definitely for you. In parched times, covering up will come at ease with hydrating concealers that won’t leave any dry, flaky feeling (the last thing you need is a bad concealer that will further accentuate parched skin).

Glowing Skin 2

Get the product: 


Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer, PHP 1,200*, Benefit Cosmetics

This sheer coverage concealer hydrates dry under-eyes and hides dark shadows. With its Vitamin E & apple seed extract, this hydra-smoothing formula keeps skin hydrated for 6 hours.

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