Anne Curtis: A 12-Month Trend Throwback


Sometimes a celebrity can get so insanely famous that we start to forget what made her famous in the first place. Anne Curtis has been around for as long as we can remember, and although her star has risen to astronomical levels, she has always been (and always will be) a true-blue fashionista. It’s why everybody loves her–she is pang-masa, but with an innate eye for style. And she isn’t your run-of-the-mill chic either–she’s a legitimate trendsetter.

Here’s an ode to Anne’s past year–maybe we can all learn a thing or two from her.

January 2016

Chanel booties, Givenchy coat

You can’t get any chicer than a Givenchy coat and Chanel booties.


Red hair, a preppy skirt, and Chanel schoolgirl booties take 10 years off your age.


What better way to glam up for a major (Madonna) concert than a pin-up look?

February 2016


A bit of goth can’t hurt.

P&P, Feb

Denim and espadrilles? Instant chill.

Adidas, Feb

Channel that elusive skater cool with a loose jumper and a graphic tee.

March 2016


The Adidas NMDs are so versatile, you can pair them with a dressy slitted skirt.


Look like you stepped out of the 80s with plaid and bright turquoise.

April 2016


Look like a modern Twiggy with a sweet ponytail and a good dose of baby pink.

Vania Romoff, May

A sheer spring dress, like this dreamy Vania Romoff, is all you need.

May 2016

Berlin, June

A structured black trenchcoat with a crisp collar is darkly classic.

  Alicemccall, June

Wallow in dangerous romance with a lace black dress.

June 2016


Who says you can’t wear a hot pink quilted jacket?

July 2016


This dress from Popo Go is classic yet oh-so-sensual. See what a little decolletage can do?


An architectural silhouette in a delicious shade of orange pink, like this Popo Go dress, will turn every last head in the room.


Going to a music festival? You don’t have to look like every other hipster there. Trade in your denim shorts for an unexpected navy blue skirt, like what Anne did at the Fujirock festival.


 Everyone should have at least one floral sports jacket.

August 2016

P&P, Aug

Don’t be afraid to be matchy-matchy–it looks exceptionally good in basic shapes. Try matching in small doses, like folded-down socks.


Dream of Japan with a sketched-on collar and black-and-white stripes.


Take fine art from canvas to clothing, if you dare.


Try a chunky ankle strap and an even chunkier heel to complement your color-block look.

September 2016


A fedora looks right at home with a floral dress on a sunny day.


But it looks even better with a slinky day dress for an Italian afternoon stroll.


This dark teal Vania Romoff dress is romantic, but reserved. It’s the perfect garden wedding reception dress!


Socks with heels? Do it in Tokyo, do it in Manila, do it everywhere!


Layering a vest over a white shirt can be preppy, or Ellen Degeneres-ish (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but still). The key is to pair it with a skirt and a flirty hairstyle.

October 2016


A streak of rainbow on your hair can be a fun (temporary) party look.


Rainbows aren’t your thing? Try a hairbow instead.


Remember that iconic Kate Moss moment when she accidentally ripped her dress, and cooly decided to just knot it up for the rest of the night? Yeah, this Randy Ortiz outfit reminds us of that.


This prtined Maureen Disini dress reminds us how fun it is to be a girl.

November 2016


A tent coat over thigh-high boots is effortless chic.


A jacket with punk elements instantly upgrades any outfit.


A skin-tone, body-hugging embroidered dress, like this Francis Libiran, is softly sexy.

December 2016


Wear socks with open-toe heels for easy French chic.


Going away for the summer? Leave your bikini at home and opt for a one-piece suit in a bold color.

Featured image from: Anne Curtis’ Instagram

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