Tiny Closet Hacks Every Girl Should know

closet_featured_image A tiny closet is a city girl problem–that charming high-rise apartment is only great until you realise you don’t have the space to put all your stuff in. Here are practical tips on how to make it all work.

1. Build compartments where there aren’t.

Build horizontal and vertical layers to maximize closet real estate. Call a carpenter (or a handy friend) to put multiple levels of shelving. d8a81b3d899a080d9a048cf792ff7f0e

2. Rods are your friend.

Any rod that creates extra hanging space above, below, in corners, or behind closet doors will help.

3. Hooks are your best friend.

Just like rods, hooks create mini hanging spaces where there aren’t.

4. Dividers help you stack clothes higher.

Thus, creating more vertical space.

5. Fold shirts vertically.

Vertical folding not only allows you to see all shirts at once, it frees up space. fold-and-stack-tshirts

6. Shoe organisers can be places anywhere.

From behind the closet door to under the bed, they keep your shoes neatly tucked away.

7. Create shelving in wall spaces outside of the closet.

They look nice, too. They’re an IKEA staple for a reason.


8. Use soda can tabs to double your hangers.

9. Use shower rod rings to hang scarves.


10. Rotate hangers to indicate which clothes you never wear.

Backwards-facing hangers mean you haven’t worn them all year long, which means it’s time to throw them out.

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