Travel 101: Pack Smart and Travel Light for Any Trip

Travelling light can be a big challenge, especially for a lot of first time (or less frequent) travelers. For those who tend to “bring the whole house” along with them for a weekend trip, this MEGASTYLE 101 is for you. 1. CHOOSE THE LIGHTEST AND MOST SECURE LUGGAGE You can have the most stylish luggage that can turn heads at the airport, but if it’s as heavy as 5% of its actual contents, you’re going to have to do some reconsidering! The first step to smart travelling is knowing and picking the right gear. When it comes to luggage, security and weight is your priority. Weigh your bag without the contents with baggage allowance in mind, then measure again with the contents in. Make sure you measure before checking in to avoid unforeseen expenses!

luggage story7 recommends: The Samsonite Firelite is made with the innovative Curv material (100% polypropylene) and weighs less than a large bottle of water (1.9 kg). The technology of the Samsonite Curv can resist tremendously high impact and can stand temperatures as low as -189 degrees Celsius.

luggage story5

Samsonite’s new Firelite is coveted by active travelers. Look how roomy it is!


It’s either you buy travel-sized products or you place them in smaller containers. We know it’s hard to leave home without our big beauty must-haves, but bringing that family-sized shampoo bottle isn’t going to do. You can buy small and empty shampoo bottles and pour in a reasonable amount of your favorite products.

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SYOSS shampoo contains keratin and can repair that bad after-travel hair.

3. ZIP TOILETRIES IN A PLASTIC CASE Before packing toiletries, make sure all your products are sealed tight. But because of air pressure (or even how our luggage is managed), tight might not be tight enough. Buy a toiletry case, preferably one made of plastic so it’s easy to clean in case of spills.

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Make sure your toiletry case is well-sealed too!

  3. LESSENING AND LAYERING Here’s a challenge: Have as much outfits packed in one luggage. The secret is to pack light-weight staples, multi-way pieces, and accessories. For frequent travelers, these are good investments. Ladies, you can leave most of your separates (pants and tops) behind, pack dresses instead. This is, of course, considering that you have checked the weather reports of your destination already. When packing for cold-weathered destinations, layer with multi-way scarves, basic sweaters, and jeans. You can also stick to a color scheme so all your clothes match. Be a smart fashionista, if you’re going to be doing some shopping at your destination, lessen the clothes you’ll be bringing to make space. You can also wear those new clothes! IMPORTANT: Pack for the best scenario. We tend to over-pack when we panic and think we “need” everything. 3. PACK PROPERLY Maximize the space in your luggage and avoid wrinkles by rolling your clothes and packing them neatly.

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Pack right, roll tight!

Pack wires and chargers, intimates and wet clothes, toiletries, and jewelries in separate bags. Not only is this safer and neater, it also saves space.

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Strap your items to keep it in place. We also found this chic jewelry travel case by Pia Gladys Perey quite helpful in packing our favorite accessories!

3. HAND CARRY All your gadgets and very important items should be with you at all times. To keep your luggage light, wear the bulky items (like jacket, jeans, or boots) on travel days. Keep a checklist of all your things, too.

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Leather studded tote by David Jones from Sac Manille (, Flat Top Super shades, Giordano denim jacket, Forever 21 ankle cuff heels, Cole Haan leather wallet, UrbanEars headphones.

“The measure of a good traveler is how light he or she travels. You can’t travel heavy, happy and cheap. You can only pick two,” shares travel guide book author and host Rick Steves. Once you’re done, go through your items again and edit. When you get back, learn from the trip and pack lighter if you can. 😉   ~ Take on the light packing challenge and go #TRAVELNow. Have any packing light tips? Share them with us by leaving a comment below! Photography by Reau Gutierrez Art Direction by Tin Lagula

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