Tyra Banks Shares Her 10 Rules to Success

Style: "bw222" Scroll through your social media feed and you’ll see hundreds of inspirational quotes on success, on feminism, on love and life. But if anyone truly knows what it means to be a superwoman, it’s the small-town girl turned supermodel turned business mogul (and a couple of months ago, a lecturer at Stanford’s business school), the one and only Tyra Banks. There are infinitely more successful people in the world than her–and that also depends on how we define success–but Tyra hits close to home. Like us, she is a woman who understands what it means to be one in this big bad world. She wrote her own destiny and changed other women’s destinies along the way, blazing through impossible obstacles in five-inch stilettos. If that’s not a superwoman, we don’t know what is.

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