Upgrade Your Look with These Ponytail Ideas

cfnbdgn Hairstyle trends will come and go, but we girls will always love a good ol’ ponytail. We love how it’s the most fuss-free hairstyle, requiring nothing more than a band, but is still able to give you us a clean, classy look that we can wear even to a fancy dinner! Do we even need to mention how a ponytail is always the best answer when we’re having a bad hair day? Or when we’re too busy with a million things that we can’t be bothered to push back the hair that keeps falling over our face, every five minutes? Plus, it’s just a versatile look that works with everything! But you know what’s better than a classic ponytail? Upgraded versions that take this classic hairstyle up a notch. Sure, they take a bit more effort and time—and probably patience, too—but if you’re going for a more fancy look, these ponytail ideas are worth it. Watch this video for seven ponytail hairstyles that you can do for seven days.