Victoria Beckham Was Just Body-Shamed By A Restaurant

Victoria Beckham is considering taking legal action against a British restaurant that just body-shamed her for being too thin. In the restaurant’s pizza advertisement, the 43-year-old designer was criticized for her weight, and she was even accused of having an eating disorder. The ad came from a restaurant called Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips, which is located in Tyneside, England. It features a caricature of Beckham looking extremely thin in a bikini, while wearing a sash that offensively reads “Anorexic Fashion Icon”. Apparently, the poster was meant to advertise their new thin-crust pizza, which was named after the celebrity. To make matters worse, the ad also included phrases that suggested that their new crust is even thinner than her. Soni Sodi, the owner of the restaurant, has answered back regarding this issue, saying that the poster was simply meant to be a joke. He even mentioned in an interview that he was “genuinely horrified if anyone was genuinely offended,” arguing that it was meant to be “offered as a fun way to make people smile, and to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life”. Regardless of the intention of the ad, poking fun at an eating disorder and accusing someone of having one isn’t something to take lightly. In-article images: Elle | Style Caster

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