Want to Step Up Your Selfie Game? Here Are Olivia Culpo’s Fool-Proof Tips

Olivia Culpo Olivia Culpo’s Instagram account has its fair share of selfies, and she never fails to look flawless in most of it. What if we told you that there is a shortcut to achieving photos like these? In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the 25-year-old stunner spilled her secrets for the perfect selfie, sharing that she simply follows a two-step process. For step one, Culpo says that you should find good lighting. She recommends stepping in front of a window to get some natural light: “Find a big window, the more sun the better. Definitely getting lighting is key and then once you get the lighting, look for your angles,” she shares, even going as far as saying, “If you don’t have good lighting, don’t even try.”  

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  “Zero in on exactly what you want your audience to see,” Culpo says when talking about her second step. One should focus on a detail that you want to emphasize, whether it’s your lip color, something in the background or a part of your outfit. “Whether it’s the shoe, the color, the trend, the handbag or the scenery, you have to make sure the picture captures that. Sometimes that takes trying a few different angles and different set-ups,” she adds.  

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So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out Culpo’s two-step process!

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