WATCH: Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Routine Is Surprisingly Simple

In true model fashion, Kendall Jenner‘s beauty routine is as pared-down as it can get–no lip liners, no mascaras. In fact, it only takes her two minutes to get her face ready for the day. With her hair scraped back into a bun, the 21-year-old beauty lets us in on how to achieve her overall sun-kissed glow, and straight boy brows. And if there’s anything we learned from Kendall Jenner herself, it would be this: a little enhancement goes a long way. “I don’t really put too much [foundation] on. I hate it when I have cakey makeup” the It model shares with Vogue. Here are a couple of makeup tricks worth noting:

1. Bronzer goes beyond the cheekbones

Like the ultra-flush cheek trend, bronzers no longer stick close to your cheekbones. Instead, the secret to Kendall’s overall warm glow is to apply the earthy pigment on the lids too. Unlike a concentrated bronzed sweep on the cheeks, doing this mimics a more natural post-vacation glow.

2. Dabbing is key

When applying her makeup, Kendall does everything with a light hand. Whether it’s her foundation or her lipstick, dabbing the product using her own fingers (instead of using the product as it is) creates a low-key, supermodel look. Ever noticed how makeup artists only dab the lipstick on the models’ lips too? Apparently, it’s the best way to enhance your natural lip color. Watch her makeup routine below!   Read more: Uh Oh, Is Kendall Jenner In Trouble On Social Media Again?

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