WATCH: Stranger Things’ Steve and Parks and Rec’s Jean-Ralphio Join Forces In This Ad

The first season of Stranger Things was a massive success and while fans were on a break from the sci-fi phenomena, the waiting game stirred some intriguing theories that created buzz around social media. But among all the fan theories, the crossover of Parks & Recreation and Stranger Things had to be the most interesting.

In case you missed it, viewers began to see similarities in Steve Harrington, Nancy’s bad boy suitor, and Jean Ralphio Saperstein, the wacky entrepreneur and best friend of Tom Haverford on the hit sitcom Parks & Recreation. Not only do they look alike, but the characters both live in Indiana too. Soon, after the comparisons made by fans, a theory emerged that Steve is actually Jean Ralphio’s father.

Comedian Ben Schwartz, who plays Jean Ralphio, confirmed the theory and has starred in skits with Joe Keery, the actor who plays Steve. Now, the two are back for a clever ad with Visa. Not far from Jean Ralphio’s antics, Ben tries to convince Joe to buy him a $4,000 tuxedo made of marshmallows to which Joe declines. And in true Saperstein fashion, what does Ben do? Of course, he tries to get into Joe’s mobile Visa account through channeling his face–they look like each other, after all. 

Watch Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery’s hilarious chemistry in their Visa commercial below:

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