We Tried Out Lush’s Jelly Face Masks And Here’s What Happened 

Here’s a fact: one can already tell if a Lush store is nearby. For years, the beauty brand has been known for its scented bath bombs and soaps that instantly make a boring bath routine a lot more fun and Instagram-worthy. But beyond the piles of fizzy bath bombs, we discovered a couple of beauty treats that are just as quirky and as promising.

From soap-like lip tints to cooling jelly face masks, here’s what you need to try, stat: 

1. Jelly Face Masks 

Joining the growing list of non-boring masks (see glitter masks), jelly face masks now exist and they are as fun to play with as they are to use. We tried The Birth Of Venus–a mask designed to refresh the skin with its ingredients of toning fresh sea water, soothing rose petal infusion, and calming lavender. 

To apply it, we scooped off a portion of the jelly and worked it between our dry hands to form a paste, which we smeared on our skin afterward. The immediate result? The label didn’t lie. Once taken off after 10 minutes using a damped towel, our skin felt extra-smooth. Plus, it had a cooling effect too! 

The jelly turns into a paste-like substance

2. Solid Lip Tints 

Yes, with its small size and soap-like appearance, you wouldn’t think that it’s a lip tint unless you read the label. Luckily, we did and we don’t regret it. This Naked Lip Tint glides smoothly on the skin (thanks to the organic jojoba oil in it) and leaves a sheer plum tint that lasts all day.

3. Nostalgic Scents

If you’ve fallen in love with the scent of their bath bombs, you’ll want to reach for their perfumes too. Lush recently released a chic-looking perfume collection called Volume IV. Crafted from the finest essential oils, the scents are designed to make a person feel at ‘home’, whether this means the smell of baking on a Sunday or the comforting scent of a loved one. The range goes from unruly, rough and ready notes that will remind you of long road trips to floral and fruity notes, which burst with childlike energy. 

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