What Does It Take to Win a Beauty Pageant These Days?

Everyone knows that it takes more than a pretty face to win the coveted Ms. Universe title. It requires a lot of confidence, personality, and most especially, purpose. 

Is it to help put less fortunate children to school? Or to fight against the injustices towards females?

The Philippines’ 2017 Miss Universe Rachel Peters didn’t make it to the top 5 despite her gorgeous looks and superb performance. Some netizens shared that perhaps it was due to a lack of purpose, as she could’ve used her position to take a stand on pressing issues rather than playing it safe.

Finding herself in the middle of a controversy, the 26-year-old shared an opinion that recently got everyone talking.

Peters has shared in a press conference that we should all “give a chance” to Mocha Uson, former sexy singer turned political blogger who was appointed assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)–something unfathomable to many.

“Well, she hasn’t started yet. And so, I believe everyone should be given a chance,” Peters said, adding, “We should stand behind President Duterte, You cannot judge a book by its cover, (That is) something my parents taught me that is still in my mind.” She also mentioned how we should trust the president since he “knows what is best for our country.”

Her statements, which was said in the midst of public figures fighting against the injustices our country is currently facing, definitely startled some of us. However, basing her performance solely on that would be a little unfair. Many people think that they have uncovered the secret formula to winning a pageant, when in fact, it takes more than brains, beauty and a cause. For one to win, the stars truly have to align.

Finishing top 10 out of 92 competitors is already a big feat in itself. Congratulations, Peters!

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