What To Do After An Eyebrow Disaster, According To The Experts

Let’s face it: we’ve all experienced a brow mishap at one point or another. Whatever reason it may be–whether you overly plucked them or a makeup artist enjoyed too much shaping it–there’s nothing quite as disturbing than seeing yourself left with a sparse set of arches. So what now? Brow experts Umbreen Sheikh of Wink Brow Bar and Sebastian Latiolais of Brows By Sebastian shared with Self on how to save your brows from the plucking damage.

Here’s a cheat sheet on what to do:

1. Let them grow. 

Stop. Ditch the tweezers (for now, at least) and leave those arches alone. After a brow mishap, it’s best to let it grow back in before you start shaping or grooming it again. Ideally, it should be in its usual shape after two months. However, there are brows that permanently stay sparse if it has been over-plucked for years.

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2. Pencil, then powder.

The quick solution? Turn to your trusty brow products. Sheikh and Latiolais recommend using pencil and powder, as these tools help mimic natural hairs with its precise applicators. But apart from that, we also recommend that you turn to a waxy pomade formula, as its thick texture fills in sparse brows with ease.

Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon, PHP 399, Maybelline

3. Head to your local brow salon.

If your brows no longer grow back, taking the microblading plunge is the best way to go, according to Sheikh and Latiolais. This method will keep your brows filled in for about a year. However, they suggest that you should go through a consultation first before trying the brow-filling technique. “It has to be done with caution, so you don’t want to go to anyone who hasn’t got an experienced background.”

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