What’s A MoFi? Here’s Your Guide To Mastering The Modern Filipina Look

mofi Now that the Mega Millennial Ball is around the corner, we’re about to see another round of Modern Filipina (or rather the MoFi) looks on the red carpet. This theme has always been up for many reinterpretations, but what does it really mean, as the invitation requested, to dress like a “Modern Filipina”? Whether you’re attending a ball, or another Filipino themed-wedding, here’s your sartorial guide to mastering the look: 3-1

Keep the silhouette of the Filipina terno and rework everything else–you’ll get a stunning modern version of the traditional costume. Here, Michael Cinco gave the short sleeved terno a simple tweak by opting for longer sleeves.


Prove that an eye-catching look doesn’t always come in gowns. Opt for a pair of power trousers but elevate it with evening-worthy fabrics to still give it the same shine that a gown has. Dress it up with a top with billowing sleeves like this creation by Mark Bumgarner for that striking presence as you walk into any room.


Channeling the MoFi style doesn’t always mean you’d have to go for the classic ternos. Instead, embody the contemporary yet traditional woman by embracing Filipino fabrics. Aiming to re-introduce culture, Gabbie Sarenas‘ latest collection makes use of purely Filipino created fabrics, but in modern silhouettes. Clearly, it’s a winning combo.


For the men, don’t limit yourselves to the traditional Barong or the black suits. The simple tweaks create a big sartorial impact. Here, Francis Libiran created a structured outerwear fit for today’s stylish gent.

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