Which It Girl Are You?

When we think of a trendsetter who every girl wants to be like, an It girl easily comes to mind. Since the holidays call for many celebrations, why not take style inspiration from some of these legendary icons? Surely, you’ve been in awe of at least one of these women growing up:

1. Kate Moss

Rising to fame in the 90s, this cool girl seemed to have it all: countless magazine covers, rock star boyfriends, invites to the best parties, and a laid-back yet chic outfits to match.

2. Edie Sedgewick

Who remembers one of the biggest muses of Andie Warhol? The darling of the underground scene was usually clad in her pixie cut, chandelier earrings, a mini dress and a drink (or two) in hand. Her signature look easily transcends time.

3. Jane Birkin

Despite being British, Jane Birkin is an icon of French style. With her signature bangs and impeccable taste, it’s no wonder that she had an iconic Hermes bag named after her.

4. Paris Hilton

What hasn’t this legendary heiress tried? From a fashion line to entering the music and reality television scene, Hilton’s personal branding has led her to attain the It Girl status. After all, who could forget her partying ways, all-pink ensemble and tiny chihuahua under her arm?

5. Chloe Sevigny

The New Yorker called her the “coolest girl in the world.” To this day, this Nineties poster girl, model and actress has been spotted in parties and events with her signature quirky style.

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