White Pant Style Ideas And How To Keep Them Clean

Hacks to keep your white bottoms stylish and clean all day

We know the closet staple white pant has some super stylish powers that can take your look to fashion girl level. In fact all the stylish women we know, from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna, have a pair or two. But we also know it can be tough to pull off and keep them pristine the whole day. So we’ve listed down our sartorial tips before you wear them and how to keep ‘em clean while you’re out and about, and how to style them.


  1. Remember how they say in art class that while black absorbs all colors, white allows colors to pass through it? The same rule applies with the white pant. Make sure to wear skin tone or black underwear.
  2. Keep a stain pen in handy.
  3. Bring baby powder in case you get oil stains on your whites. Apply immediately on stain and allow to dry before you spot clean them in the bathroom.
  4. Wet wipes. Based on experience, it can take out most spots and stains if used before they dry out.
  5. Find out what the day’s agenda is because white pants are not meant for outdoor activites. If you insist though, choose thicker, easier to clean fabrics, like denim or airy linen for the beach.




Keep it casual and wear a white shirt over your white pants.

Editor tip: Make sure your shirt is long enough to cover your behind. This will keep your white bottoms clean longer. Now if you happen to stain your shirt, don’t panic and tuck it in.



Black and white pairings are pretty goof-proof. Shift your focus on fit and cut.


Jessie Bush

Wear your white with cool colors, like blues and grays. In a bold mood? Pair it with a bright and fiery red.


Kendall Jenner

Elevate an all-white look with tailored shoulders and overlap details.

Editor tip: Keep it cool with futuristic flat shoes.



Whites are the best way to road test trends you’re scared to wear, like large prints and sequin embellishments.

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