Why Anne Curtis Tells Nadine Lustre’s Hater to ‘Back off’

Just recently, the news about Nadine Lustre’s brother Isaiah, who was found to have taken his own life, has left many shocked. 

So when a seemingly cheerful Nadine made an appearance on “It’s Showtime” earlier this week, it naturally caught the attention of many viewers.

One netizen, however, took things a little too far, tweeting that the actress was not genuine.

“It’s Showtime” host Anne Curtis came to Lustre’s defense, personally replying to the netizen’s Twitter account and telling her to back off:

Curtis’ message was rooted in the fact that one never really knows what someone is going through or how they truly are feeling. True enough, there are many people who choose to suffer silently, feeling like they have an obligation to put on a smile when they are in public.

Lustre isn’t avoiding the fact that one of her siblings had just passed away, as the netizen had claimed. Perhaps, she chooses to cope differently. Last October 13, the actress made a lengthy Instagram post, greeting her late brother on his birthday:

We all have different coping mechanisms. When someone is in grief, the best we can do is reach out and to try to understand where they are coming from. 

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