Why Chanel’s Blue Serum Is The New Diet For Your Skin

By now, you probably already know that anti-aging serums simply reverse the effects of getting older–reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Yet, what we actually miss out on is keeping our skin healthier in the long run. Chanel brings in a more holistic approach to aging–longevity. Its latest Blue Serum is inspired by the Blue Zones, regions where people live longer, like in Japan or in the islands of Sardinia in Italy. These populations all share a common lifestyle: balanced diet, exercise, better stress management, and a close-knit structure. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of lifestyle? With these factors in mind, Chanel sourced local ingredients from the Blue Zones: Green Coffee, Olive and Lentisk. Like going on a healthy diet, this blue serum supplies you with the right nourishment. It activates your skin’s youthfulness–giving you a healthier and nourished skin for the long run.

Chanel Blue Serum, PHP 6,250 

To get this product, visit any Chanel counter in Rustan’s The Beauty Source. 

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