Why It Will Never Be Fair To Settle With The “Boys Will Be Boys” Mentality

Surely, you’ve heard of more and more celebrities who are speaking up against harassment and abuse. It all began with the dozens of allegations against prominent Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, with some of these shocking instances dating back to a few decades ago. Since then, this has helped open the floodgates for more women to talk about their experiences, even leading to the #MeToo campaign.

The rise of these allegations is accompanied by certain questions–some reasonable, some still looking down on the female sex. Why is it taking so long for women to speak out? Are these allegations even true?

Most women have been keeping quiet about their experiences for decades. This may be due to the stigma that is being attached to those who are brave enough to open their mouths. More often than not, women are being labeled as overly sensitive, hormonal, or even promiscuous, based on what they choose to wear (as if their clothing required consent).

Personally, this is something I cannot agree with enough. Admittedly, it can get tiring to be judged for certain things simply because I’m a female: my lack of parking skills, my clothing choices, or even the fact that I am “too sensitive” for getting hurt. Being the type who will stand up for myself when needed, I didn’t always realize that simply fighting back wasn’t enough.

The problem doesn’t center on how women are reacting to these unfortunate instances. After all, when you offend or hurt someone, you don’t have the right to tell them what they can or cannot feel. The problem begins with how society is educating males (and females as well) with this so-called “boys will be boys” mentality. Rather than correcting women, we should focus on raising decent males as well. Hopefully, 2018 gives more way to that.

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