Why Your Undies Matter

ghgf Even if nobody ever sees them, your underwear defines how you feel. Granny panties, worn-out bras, unsexy maternity bras, or just generally frumpy underwear make you feel unsexy. It affects the way you walk into a room. The right underwear gives you a silent confidence that everybody can see. Here are undies that you should have in your dresser.

The sexy strapless

The staple underwire strapless shouldn’t always be boring black.


The Lounge Bra

Even during your downtime, you have every right to feel sexy.


The Push-up

If you’re gonna push the girls up, push them up in style.


The one you can wear as a top

Something so pretty, you can show it in public.


The Thong

Because every girl worth her salt has thongs in her closet.


Cheeky Hipster Panties

The most common type of sexy panties, this should be worn almost everyday.


The Boyshorts

These are as comfy as they are sexy.


Seamless Panties

Because nothing’s more uncool than visible panty lines.


The Nightie

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Better do it looking cute.


Credits to victoriassecret.com for the photos

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