Will We Ever Get Tired Of Gucci?

From the Logo tees to the coveted fur-lined mules that we’ve been seeing everywhere, it seems like every fashion girl is on a Gucci high.

The fashion label’s iconic geek-chic style has been here season after season ever since the brand’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele stepped in. They made the ‘nerdy’ look become the latest cool-girl style—imagine an eccentric woman who isn’t afraid to step out in multi-hued oversized glasses or pussy-bow blouses, which reminds us of the “ugly pretty” phenomenon. After all, looking ‘odd’ or rather quirky inevitably makes you standout from a crowd, and Gucci made it look cool. But after many seasons of seeing the same thing on the runway, it started to feel a bit tiring.


For its latest Cruise 2018 show, the entire collection still had the same quirky pieces from the past collections–think librarian-esque floral printed tops, oversized tweed cardigans and more–but mixed with a couple of Renaissance-inspired frocks.


Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 | Gucci Cruise 2018

Likewise, their signature mules also resurged from season-to-season but in different variations, from plain leather mules, fur-lined mules, to heeled loafers. Although it’s clearly been the coveted shoe trend today, how long would it last? Another mule style in the coming seasons might come off as too expected.


Back in 2015, Gucci had to re-brand from its minimalist, sexy mood, which was repeatedly reincarnated by former creative director Frida Giannini. Gearing towards a younger market, this later on led to Michele’s geek-chic phenomenon.


The Italian fashion house undeniably remains the It label today, and the latest Cruise 2018 collection was just as good as the last one, but when will we see more fresh looks from Gucci again? With creative director Alessandro Michele–who’s a profound creative–at the helm, there’s an endless of possibilities for this fashion label.


In-article images: Design Scene | Gucci | Vogue

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