Would You Wear This Outrageous Denim Jacket?

Denim has always been considered a classic fabric that most consider a go-to piece. It has undergone quite an evolution with modern fashion constantly revamping what it means to dress in denim; whether it be decorated with handpainting, embellishments, and embroidery or various cuts and silhouettes that really put a different spin on the timeless staple. Streetwear labels have been notorious for coming out with outrageous denim garbs that make us do a double take – from Jacquemus’ extreme denim flares and asymmetrical cut pieces to Vetements creating jeans that zip from behind, it makes us think we’ve seen every possible wild denim iteration at this point, but Y-Project has come to tell us that streetwear isn’t done just yet.

If there’s anyone who’s the original oddly-designed denim pioneer, it’s Y-Project. Detachable jeans, jeans with more denim layered, you name it. But for the current season, the gender neutral street brand is taking outerwear designs up a notch, if not, to even higher levels with a denim jacket that features extremely long sleeves that reach just below the knee.


The idea is to wear them rolled up with a white shirt cuff showing, certainly beating Demna Gvasalia at his own slouchy silhouette game. Though it pushes just outside the boundary of practicality (hands, who needs them?). The internet has not kept mum about the piece and has gone viral on Twitter after a user posted screenshots with the caption, “Net a porter giving the people what they want” and following suit are creatively hilarious jabs on the jacket such as calling it “Slenderman chic”, comparing it to inflatable balloon men at car dealerships, and Mr Tickle from the Mr. Men series.

And if there’s one good thing to come out of buying a denim jacket with ultra long sleeves, it’s that you no longer have to think about pairing and purchasing gloves, hitting two birds with one stone for your Fall wardrobe. Y-Project’s latest outraegous denim piece is availble on Net-A-Porter.com and retails for £450.

  In-article photos: Harpers Bazaar

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