Ylona Garcia Reveals Her Style Secrets And Beauty Tricks

With Ylona Garcia’s sweetness and a dose of fierceness (her idol is Beyonce, after all), it’s almost impossible not to be charmed. At the ripe old age of 14, the singer-actress is already owning her style. With every OOTD and makeup selfie, she’s making it all too easy to double-tap on that heart button. Below, Ylona lets us in her wardrobe must-haves and beauty essentials.
If you could keep only three items in your closet, what would they be?

“Mom jeans, a big pullover, and a black top. It can be a shirt”.

Do you have a favorite trend right now?

“Of course, chokers–it will forever be my favorite. But I do love mom jeans too–I wear them with a lot of my tops. I also like wearing boots with knee-high socks”.

Are there any beauty tricks that you’ve learned from makeup artists? 

“I’ve learned the importance of powder, so I usually put powder everyday. I don’t use foundation. Powder covers up the oils. It’s enough to make my complexion look even”.

If we could get a peek inside your makeup bag, what would we find? 

“You would find eyebrow mascaras!”

Who’s your style icon? 

“I like how Kendall Jenner styles herself. It looks so effortless. She can be very classy or very simple. She’s very versatile”.


In-article images: Myrrh Lao To | Ylona Garcia | Anthea Bueno | Marie Claire

Featured image from: Ylona Garcia

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