You Can Now Get Your Favorite Uniqlo T-Shirts With A Push Of A Button

1501709112-hbz-uniqlotogo-embed-2-1501692859Think of all those times when you had a fashion emergency, whether you needed a fresh pair of shirt after a stain, or you suddenly felt too cold. Uniqlo just built the ultimate fashion solution. The Japanese retail giant continues to innovate ‘fast fashion’ as they rolled out vending machines in ten locations across major cities in the US, including airports and shopping centers. The six-foot-high vending machines called “Uniqlo To Go” creates an entirely new shopping experience for consumers as they can purchase Heattech long-sleeves and ultra-lightweight down jackets from the brand’s popular LifeWear collection through the machine. 1501709121-hbz-uniqlo-boxes-1501692668 1501709117-hbz-uniqlo-machine-embed-1501692820 “At the airport, you don’t have a lot of time to wait in line and explore a store,” Marisol Tamaro, Uniqlo’s U.S. marketing chief, shares to The Wall Street Journal. Uniqlo To Go lets you select clothes on demand through a touch screen. Purchases can be done through credit cards. But of course, consumers are also given the option of returning the items in-store or via mail. 1501709106-hbz-uniqlotogo-embed-3-1501692875 1501709098-hbz-uniqlotogo-embed-1-1501692902 Uniqlo remains to be the world’s third largest retailer and we can easily see why–the label consistently establish fresh marketing strategies to make their products accessible. Being a  brand that’s known for basic, essential pieces, it only makes perfect sense that they released convenient vending machines. 1501709082-hbz-uniqlo-vending-machine-index-1501689518 The first Uniqlo To Go vending machine is already up and running in the Oakland International Airport and we have yet to see more rollouts throughout August and September.

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