You Still Have A Chance to See Coldplay–and for less!

coldplay_featured_image3 Coldplay is still somehow ridiculously popular in Asia, and concerts are still somehow ridiculously expensive in Manila (one of the many downsides to being a third world country). We’re almost grateful that the MOA tickets are selling out fast, because now we have an excuse to swoon over Chris Martin overseas (and go sightseeing with friends). These side by side comparisons of the 2017 Asia Tour will blow your mind!

Manila | VIP | MOA Concert grounds | April 4 | Php 22,500

Singapore | VIP | National Stadium | April 1 | Php 10,132

Taipei | VIP | HSR Taoyuan Station Plaza | April 12 | Php 12,000

Seoul | VIP | Olymic Stadium | April 15 | Php  4,436

Tokyo | VIP ticket | Tokyo Dome | April 19 | Php 13,500

Because of this discrepancy, travel agencies and frustrated Filipinos immediately took to social media to advertise cheaper packages.

Sample post–Singapore tickets are sold out but can be bought from resellers
Sample post–slots are sold out, but Taipei tickets are still available from resellers
If you want a fun, comfortable Coldplay experience, we suggest booking a flight to Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, or Seoul as early as now. Tickets are selling out fast as resellers have already hoarded almost all of them, so you better beat them to it!

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