You’d Be Surprised at How Comfy These (Cute) Shoes Are

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 5.51.40 PM Summer’s officially in, and we’re trying to look for that perfect comfort shoe that doesn’t look like your tita’s at-home pair. And we think we may have found it in FitFlop–so we sat down with Global Marketing Director Louise Barnes, and Head of International Marketing Emma Saunter, to find out what these kicks are really all about. 3C0EDBE900000578-4111254-Looking_good_Uma_Thurman_46_stars_in_a_new_campaign_for_footwear-m-70_1484175347789 Fitflop claims to be the most comfy shoe in the world. Can you tell us about the science behind it? Biomechanics is essentially looking at the alignment of your body. What we try to do in all our products is to make sure that your body has the optimal alignment, which means that you can keep going for longer. You use less energy, there’s less fatigue–you can be wearing Fitflops all day, everyday, and barely know that you’ve got them on. We provide underfoot cushioning for ultimate comfort. So it doesn’t just prevent pain on the actual foot, it prevents pain all over the body? Exactly. We take about 220 million steps in a lifetime, and that impacts your feet, to your ankles, to your knees, to your hips, and all the way up to your torso. So if you’re misaligned, then that’s gonna impact you all the way from bottom to top. By starting with a great foundation, the impact on your joints is lessened. SS17_ATL_SPORTY-POP-LIZARD_PINK_Hi_rgb_FINAL How do you balance that comfort aspect with the design aesthetic? It’s equally important to us. There are 3 key pillars to any FitFlop product. One, the biomechanics; two, the comfort; and three, the style. We truly believe you shouldn’t have to compromise style for comfort. So the way we achieve that is by having a group of in-house designers and an in-house biomechanist–Dr. Kim Lily, who works hand in hand to achieve that balance. Collaboration is where the magic happens! These shoes are unbelievably light! It’s super light ergonomics for underfoot cushioning. What makes fitflop different from other comfort shoes? The combination of biomechanics, the comfort and the fashion. But aside from that, I think that a lot of brands claim comfort, but it’s not what I would call long-term comfort. It’s instantaneous comfort–but try walking in them all day and you would feel the pain. Whereas with FitFlop, you can just keep going all day and enjoy comfort and beyond. It’s the science and the beauty combined. uma_3 Who is the FitFlop woman?  Active, multi-tasking, busy, high-achiever from all walks of life. There’s not a defined age–it’s more of an attitude. And with the range of products that we now have, where we touch on the leading fashion categories like athleisure, it attracts an even broader audience. So why Uma Thurman? The key characters she’s played onscreen have become icons–super strong women, completely in control, a little bit surprising. But she’s still very sexy–and that comes from the confidence and comfort in your own skin. And her off-screen persona is the same too–a busy multitasking mother of three. And she looks amazing in the products! The white sneaker she’s wearing is actually her favourite. UMA41 Can you tell us more about the spring/summer collection? The Urbanite collection consists of high-top sneakers and ballerinas in a range of really easy to wear colors. And to fulfill the brand DNA, it fits really snugly around your ankle. It also uses elasticated laces to make a nice grip without being to tight. And of course, it’s really lightweight. Extremely comfy. And from the open-toe line, we use the Eye Cushion (a new technology for us). Instead of a flat piece of rubber, it’s anatomically contoured–a high arch to align your body. It also makes use of impact pillows, both front and back. You barely know that you’ve got them on! Other trends we’ve tried to pick up on is the metallics, and also the embellishments. ~

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