Your Favorite High Street Brand Is Releasing A Limited Edition Collection

If like many fashion enthusiasts who love high street that resembles high fashion, Zara is probably one of your go-to places to shop, especially with the high street favorite staying on top of the wide array of trends every season. You may have noticed that some pieces are more different and elaborate than standard (but still chic) workwear pieces that we frequently see in stores. You’d see someone wearing a pair of vinyl thigh highs and think, “I shop there all the time but I’ve never seen that”. That’s because Zara has a TRF line that means “Trafaluc” (it’s Zara’s own word, not a real one!) which is one of the four main departments of the brand’s womenswear collection. The TRF section is aimed more towards the younger demographic rather than the WOMAN or STUDIO collections which are a bit more classic in style.

Zara Oxford Street East store
Zara Oxford Street East store

Basically, the TRF line’s aim is to dish out louder, trendier pieces for the younger crowd who are not afraid to dress boldly, different and more modern. And if you’re one of the savvy fashionistas who already knew that piece of information, we’ve got great news. Zara is expanding the Trafaluc range with a limited edition, 17-piece collection called “TRF IS ART” and is a unique collaboration with their design team. The exclusive line will only be sold in the Oxford Street East store in the UK and online, accompanied by a brand new stand-out window design that showcases the luxe streetwear-inspired pieces.


Expect audacious, creative garbs such as deconstruction, slogan artwork, revamped denim, and lots of detailing and texture with a strict color palette of only 5 hues: red, blue, silver, black, and white. See the pieces below and get ready to be inspired and form your snazzy off-duty looks! 

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