Your Side of the Neighborhood

The Adidas Originals logo makes us nostalgic.
Good product is but a fraction of what makes people fall in love. Brand-making is not unlike wooing a woman–there has to be a sense of shared history, connection, and above all, romance. We’ve seen (and have probably been a part of) this “cult-creation” in giant companies like Apple. The community, the service, the prestige, the all-white stores–we know that buying a Mac or an iPhone is so much more than the item. Adidas understands that their customers do not simply buy their shoes. Those three stripes give them a piece of the heritage, the passion, the community. And to magnify this customer experience, the German retail giant created the Neighborhood (NBHD) store concept.
The Berlin store
Interior of the Berlin store
The first Adidas Originals NBHD Store opened in Berlin, followed by major cities like Shanghai, Seoul, London, Sydney, and New York. The goal is to make customers feel like they’re part of a cool, interactive, hip community. Each NBHD store is custom-created for its home city, and now it’s Manila’s turn. At the grand launch, we felt a palpable energy before we even got to the actual store. Literally everyone was already walking around the Glorietta lobby in their newly-bought NMDs, Adidas’ latest limited-edition street shoe. We wanted one for ourselves, but they sold out in minutes!
They beat us to it.
It’s only fitting that Adidas released eleven new colorways of the hyped up NMDs on the day of the launch–sneakerheads have apparently been lining up since the morning. This is the cult-creation we were talking about, and it works. Onstage, Adidas Philippines brand manager Adrien Semblat (Isabelle Daza’s fiancé, if you must know) introduces the Neighborhood concept.
Welcome to the Neighborhood.
It’s basically about connecting to Filipino customers using Manila’s “city streets” as inspiration, in line with Adidas Originals’ philosophy of bringing together sport and street. It follows that the NBHD interiors are made with concrete, steel and wood.
Exterior of the NBHD Manila
Industrial design
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
We were kinda expecting this.
Like the Berlin store, we can expect the rest of the NBHD stores to add WiFi, phone charging stations, a lounge…anything that would help its customers feel at home. This flagship store won’t just be a physical embodiment of the Originals brand, it will also be a beacon of light–a hub, shall we say–for all the hipsters, skaters, fashionistas, influencers, and pedestrians of Manila. We’ll see you there. In our NMDs, of course.

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