Your Travel Bucketlist, According to A-listers

alist_featured_image Traveling has been in vogue for the past few years, more so than it would be if Instagram did not exist. The possibility to snap and share gorgeous landscapes, strange finds, and pretentiously nonchalant selfies has made traveling a mainstream hobby (there will always be, of course, legit hodophiles and vagabonds). But a quick scroll through celebrities’ feeds will make anyone want to book that flight. These A-listers’ enviable escapades will make you wanna rewrite your travel bucketlists (or revisit, just to retake your photos).

1. Iceland

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo look so cool in the ultra-cuddle-weather. Grab your fur coats (or grab a copy of their MEGA cover)!

A photo posted by Daniel Ford (@supremo_dp) on

2. South Korea

Autumn looks straight out of a movie when Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano are in the shot. If romantic posts are not your thing, get down and dirty in the streets like James Reid.

Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss ? A photo posted by Liza Soberano (@lizasoberano) on
Bought this jacket on the street for 200pesos ? #steal #itaewon @fujifilmph #XT2 A photo posted by James Reid (@jaye.wolf) on

3. El Nido, Palawan

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico land on the water while Kim Jones kayaks through her charmed life. Lace up your bikinis and frolic in the white sands of Palawan–it really is more fun in the Philippines!

The crazy hubby taking a leap of faith after our flight haha A photo posted by Solenn Heussaff (@solennheussaff) on
With the best company. (Also, #StrongerTogether…) A photo posted by Kim Jones (@kimcamjones) on

4. East Coast, USA

Ogle the Statue of Liberty like Liza, walk the Brooklyn Bridge like Belle, or take a nature trip in Washington like lovers Anne Curtis and Erwann Heusaff. There’s so much to do here!

Walked the Brooklyn bridge ?? A photo posted by isabelledaza (@isabelledaza) on
Fave hiking partner ? A photo posted by Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith) on

5. West Coast, USA

Get fit like Georgina, or relax in the rocky beaches of California. Not a nature girl? Pose like Jones in Hollywood and pretend you’re on the silver screen.

Freaking love LA forever ❤❤❤❤ also loving my comfy work out clothes from #certifiedcalm ❤❤ A photo posted by Georgina Wilson (@ilovegeorgina) on

6. Argentina

Be free and beautiful like newlyweds Solenn and Nico in one of the sexiest countries in the world. Even Belle can’t help it.

TBT: to this awesome trip, back in Argentina ?? A photo posted by isabelledaza (@isabelledaza) on

7. Singapore

We gave you a guide to free things to do in Singapore–there is no excuse to not go there (although the Singapore Art Museum cost Kim Jones $20).

9. Canada

Be cool like James Reid and climb the freezing mountains of Canada. It’s not all ice hockey up in here!

Yeah, this happened ?@laurenreidabook #fujifilm #xpro2 #Banffwuslit A photo posted by James Reid (@jaye.wolf) on

10. Spain and France eurotrip

After taking the moneyshot in Barcelona and Madrid, take the train to Paris and pose like James, Jones and Joseph.

A hidden gem in the heart of Madrid. #PalacioDeCristal ?? A photo posted by Joseph Marco (@josephcmarco) on
The Louvre A photo posted by James Reid (@jaye.wolf) on
You beauty, you. ✨ A photo posted by Kim Jones (@kimcamjones) on
Surreal. A photo posted by Joseph Marco (@josephcmarco) on

11. Italy and Greece eurotrip

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. Bask in the glorious architecture of Italy, then take a train to Greece. Can’t go? Grab a copy of James and Nadine’s MEGA cover.


A photo posted by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on

A photo posted by Liza Soberano (@lizasoberano) on

Team ?+ ?

A photo posted by Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath) on

12. Japan

Get lost (in translation) in the streets and mountains of the Land of The Rising Sun like Arci Munoz and Ellen Adarna.

Lost in translation… #jafun #ootn ????????? A photo posted by Arci Munoz (@ramonathornes) on
#chairlift selfie #niseko A photo posted by Ellen Adarna (@maria.elena.adarna) on

13. Morocco

Because camels. If you can’t go, check out Maine and Aldens’ MEGA cover instead.

Pak ganire! A photo posted by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) on

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